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gad gad gad. >> since our founding the united states has been a state to respect all states but there is no justification for this senseless violence. >> the president joined soth clinton in meeting with the state department employees, some worked with the victims. mr. ob yaum and secretary clinton signed a book of condolences at the state department. >> how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction? this was an attack by a small and savage group. not the people or government of libya. >> attack in libya after crowds stormed the u.s. embassy in cairo, the egyptian mobs believe that movie
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insults islam. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney criticized mr. ob yaum's response to anti-american protests throughout the muslim world. >> a terrible course for america to stand in in apology for our values that instead when our grounds are being attacked, and being breeched, that the first response of the united states must be outrage at the breech of the sovereignty of our nation. >> president obama announced he's ordered increased security at u.s. embassies and other missions around the world in the wake of this tragedy. >> the attack on the consulate is hitting many people here in the bay area hard. >> and as mentioned ambassador stevens twont high school, and college here. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador owe to libya.
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>> chris stevens made this video to introduce himself in liba. waits a long way away from the 1978 graduate of piedmont high. he was working on building relationships between academics in the u.s. and libya. >> this was something unexpected. considering how well-liked the ambassador was in libya. how effective he's been. >> this professor says he was a lawyer, he chose public service and truly understood and loved the libyan people. >> you know arabic is not easy to learn and he mastered that. that is not something he had to do, but he did that. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice saying his service in the middle east throughout his career was legendary. >> education and health care are just two of the areas where i see opportunities foreclose partnership between the united states and liba. i
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look forward to exploring possibility was you as we work together to build a free libya. see you soon. >> and tonight at 9:00 a candle light vigil will be held at the uc berkeley campus. he was a member of a from a ternity at cal. all who wish to pay respects are interinvited to attend. >> we're learning the pentagon is moving two war ships towards the libyan coast. >> coming up at 5:00 mark matthews will look at how the death could impact u.s. security and international relation autos back here, perjury charges will not be filed against a former south bay priest at the center of a child abuse scandal. prosecuters say he lied during that testimony. on the stand he denied sexually assaulting william lynch 30 years ago.
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the jury found him not guilty. the jury says the decision on the charges was made because lindner's testimony did not end up being a factor in the verdict. >> we're learning about the man charged with kidnapping his two children and spending three days in a stolen boat near monterey. this is his booking photo. he told a san francisco chronicle he knew he had quote gone crazy by stealing the boat but not taking his kids, claiming his children were not safe at the home, he has a court hearing on monday. >> and there is milpitas police looking for men in the shooting of a 7-11 store clerk. >> a 67-year-old was shot moments later. the chain is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. >> 15 people out of their homes after a duplex fire in ala media. firefighters responded to the call and this
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officer says it appears it started on the outside, in the rear of the building. there were no reported injuries. >> san jose police have not released a name of an elderly woman killed crossing the street this morning. the victim's family has yet to be notified. she was hit before 6:30 this morning on north jackson street. the driver is cooperating with police and authorities do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. >> friends, family and first responders planning to gather tomorrow to pay final respects to patrol officer kenyon youngstorm. >> he was shot to death last week during a traffic stop by a motorist who was then shot and killed by another office year his funeral begins at 10:00 and you'll be able to watch it live here on abc 7. >> a new audit focused on the way of city of hercules used
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and spent redevelopment money call add kting practices into question. >> and how they're trying to pull the city sfr fr bankruptcy. >> happening now in hercules, the state comptroller calling into question almost $50 million worth of spending. a review of the accounting controls finds weak oversights and poor management of city funds arks cord together controller, it caused serious damage to the city's fiscal health, pushing them close to bankruptcy, and placing several city services in jeopardy. everything from the public library to the police force were under the microscope and reviewed for cost cutting measures, biggest red flags, the use of credit cards cruised with money targeted for redevelopment. almost $50 million has been called into question. the audit looked at records from july, 2005, through june
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of 2010. since the scandal broke, the city brought in new leaders and a new city council. they're jelting old debts and forging a path towards fiscal responsibility. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> u.s. secretary of education ernie duncan came to sequoia high school to kick off a back to school bus tour. >> the secretary joined students in a discussion and praised academic improvements, graduation rates, and high number of college-bound graduates saying it's no coincidence the tour starts here. >> this is a school where i think, again, just a lot of work is going on so this is a very important -- this spot lights success stories and this is a remarkable story in the making and we'll do everything we can to support the good work here. >> this is called education
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drives america. he wants schools to go all digital as soon as possible. >> in time for the holidays apple unveiled its newest phone today. iphone 5 and there is a long list of improvement that's will temp owners of older models to upgrade. >> what makes the new 5 irresistible. >> happening now, apple unveiled the new iphone 5 today with lots of new features and a thinner and larger screen. things that consumers will drool over. here is a look. the high-resolution screen is four inches up from three and a half and still fits in the palm of your hand. there is a faster processor chip speeding up applications and down loads and produce better graphics. the 5 operates on 4 glte, fastest speed. the glass and aluminium body is 20% lighter than the 4 s and 18% thinner and rumored there is a new connector called lightning that replaces a 30 pin connector.
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apple redesigned the ear buds called ear pods producing better sound. >> you can preorder the iphone 5 on friday but to get your hands on it you have to wait until friday the 21. that is a week from friday. >> so 5 is lighter, sleeker, faster like spencer christian. >> oh, yes. >> there you go. >> but i'm losing in the faster part now. take a look at weather, next 24 ours this evening, mainly clear skies. what a lovely day today, clouds hung around longer than expected but they're getting squished now. so partly squishy this evening. partly clear skies. tomorrow morning some lingering coastal fog and there are temperatures about 49-56. bright, sunny skies from coast to inland and it's going to be warm. there are highs up to 68 in coastal locations and mid-90s
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into warmest spots. so how long will this warmth last? the answer is in the accu-weather forecast. this is in just a few minute autos facebook and a rally after mark zuckerberg spoke yesterday in san francisco. >> golf legend arnold palmer receives one of the highest awards anyone can receive. >> buying store brands can lead to big savings. michael finney takes a look at recent comparison autos and wednesday let's check afternoon commute starting with downtown san francisco. there is a usual sluggish five miles per hour. a lot better for folks on the right side of the screen heading southbound towards the peninsula. stay with us.
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ibm boosting it's social networking tool and looks like facebook is getting one. and there is today's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> well, apple aside, facebook posting a record gain. yes, up after apple daib you'd with tighter integration for the social network allowing the voice activated post-apple based photo sharing. there is face book rising almost 8% and after mark zuckerberg gave an interview yesterday, saying facebook is now a mobile company. and there is yahoo selling half of its stake at alibaba.
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and alibaba will reportedly pay yahoo $7.6 kbrinl to buy back half of yahoo stake. so means there will be $4.5 billion. a new war chest for the ceo to use and this is her attempt to rejuvenate the company. and there is a he founded corea with 2009 along with adam deangelo. googel will announce the neighborhood qualifying to receive it's google fiber service and there is sts first homes expected to receive this service from google, also google fiber announced a deal
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with disney will give cable channels a service from disney across the high speed lines. and as mentioned ibm improving it's tool for companies trying to integrate e mail and other news feeds like twit skbrer pacebook -- facebook. it's called connection and allows streaming networks while allowing business activities. and it's an attempt to catch up to sales forces, chatter and microsoft offerings. there are stocks waiting to see the federal reserve so not much of a move at that boomberg silicon valley index as well. and there are. >> how would you like to lose weight and keep it offer forever? ina pace is getting ready to seek approval for a device that gets implanted near the
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stomach, send signals to the brain discouraging zmakz late night eating. it's not the first company to develop a hunger controlling device. and the from bloomberg studios, now, back to you. >> job seekers trying to stay upbeat after a report indicates job openings fell in july. there are hundred that's turned out for the hire event, 300 openings some were glad for a chance to owe do networking after dealing with so many april politic autos seems like there is a lot of discrimination if you're overqualified or age or whatever. >> this fair gives people to
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meet recruiters and ex% are on hand to offer tips on how to make those resumes better. next journal hire event takes place on wednesday, october 10th from noon to 4:00 at the hilton garden inn. >> arnold palmer received one of the highest awards today, leaders honored palmer with a congressional gold medal. there is the 83-year-old won the masters championship four times. >> there is golf and golfers promote some sort of human value that's symbolize many americans. such characteristics as honesty, hard work, dedication, responsibility, and respect for the other guy, playing by the rules. >> this is just the 6th athlete to receive the award.
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and there is also a presidential medal of freedom from president george w. bush in 2004. >> got to love that bipartisan celebration. it's a fantastic man. >> it's rare. speaking of fantastic, spencer described the weather as squishy. >> yesterday talking about this high pressure ridge going to squish, or compress, the marine layer. it's getting squished now. >> is that a meet logical term there? >> it's acceptable. if you loosen your standards a little bit, which, we clearly have. there is a live view from our east bay camera looking towards golden gate there is our partially-squished marine layer. it's a warm day despite the fact it's hung around a little
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bit longer, here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see low clouds and fog, but some openings here with sunny areas along the coast. it's 61 degrees here in san francisco. 59 in half moon bay. 70, redwood city. 86 in antioch. 88 in fairfield. 87 in livermore, you can see most heat is inland right now. there are highlights, coastal fog is redeveloping tonight there. is a cooler pattern beginning on sunday. and there is a lows drop into low to mid-50s, cooler into north bay valleys, lows from upper 40s to low 50s and then, there is what is going to be a ridge of high pressure. there are two segments but it's coming together. when it does, it's going to
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produce very warm weather for us on thursday and friday. there is fog around, but that will burn away, giving us sunny skies coast to inland. high temperatures from 60s near the coast to 90s inland and i don't have time to show you all of the highs but south bay, low to mid 80s and upper 70s to low 80s on the peninsula. there is low to mid-90s inland east bay. so there is mid-90s inland tomorrow, friday. 80s around the bay tomorrow, upper 60s on the coast. and there is it's still mild and there is probably not anymore 90s after saturday. >> an oscar winner under goes a major procedure. >> and an unusual new do for
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lady gaga. the story why she shaved her head. >> taking a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza wow. >> that is great. >> this is remarkable. no waiting until you get over the bridge. then, maybe have you to wait a little bit. all is clear, here.
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a reminder about our all new line up. it starts at 1:00, with general hospital, who wants to be a millionaire at 2:00, then jeopardy at 2:30, and 3:00, of course new katie couric show, followed by abc 7 news at 4:00. >> with us. >> right. plenty of reason to smile for two oscar winners and country is coming to town this fall on abc. >> there is misery is not the word for kathy baits. the 64-year-old has undergone a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer but she says she doesn't need radiation or chemo ask her doctors say she'll be around for a long time. and also, nominated for two prime time emmys this year, find out who wins september 3.
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dustin hoffman has reason to celebrate. he'lling one of seven to receive a kennedy center honors the highest honor for those who influenced american culture through the arts. and threat is also among this year's recipients. reba mcentire is coming back to tv this fall in the new comedy and we're there for a special party last night in beverly hills. >> this is a cool show to watch. you can watch it with the family and not be embarrassed about everything. >> the co-star revealed she's pregnant sporting a pump. it debutes november 2. and the best dressed star in the world? find out who on >> and lady gaga showing off her new hairdo, posting this
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photo with her head half shaved looking like she has longer hair on top. so there is she tweeted it's a tribute to terry richardson who died of cancer yesterday. >> a chapter closes today in the search for missing south bay teenager sierra lamar. we're live with the difficult decision. >> and also a dramatic rescue at sea. a teenager pulled from debris of a ship wreck. >> pregnancy rumors swirling around kate middleton. what she did that sparked a lot of talk.
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american authorities are probing whether that deadly attack on the u.s. clons lit was planned to coincide with yesterday's anniversary of the september 11th attacks. the attack claimed lives of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other people. he grew up in piedmont. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton expressed outrage and offered condolences to employees today. the president called stevens mother and father from air force one. also vowing to increase security at u.s. embassies and commissions world wide after
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the attack. tensions remain high, many in the muslim world object to an online movie produced in california feeling that film insults the prophet mohammed, coming up our political reporter mark matthews will look at how the attack will likely affect u.s. relations in that part of the world. >> a tough decision in the ongoing search for missing south bay teenager sierra lamar. the six-month anniversary of her disappearance approaches volunteer searches are being cut in half. and they have been searching every wednesday. >> they have. after today, those wednesday searches are on hold and volunteer parties will unite here just four times per month. there are a number of reasons but there are few leads to follow up at this point and organizers hoping that reducing the number of searches leads to more productive searches saturdays. the klaus kids foundation says
4:31 pm
they operated on this schedule longer than any other missing person command post in its history. sierra lamar disappeared from her rural home march 16th on the way to the school bus stop. the extraordinary community support started with hundreds of people taking part in searches and cropped down to 40 volunteers. authorities arrested a suspect in may for the murder after finding dna evidence in his car. sierra, however, has never been found this, scene was searching coyote creek area in south san jose. >> this is an honor and we're not going to stop. we're going to continue on saturdays. as a parent, i've got three kids and it's frustrating. i can just feel the pain the parents are ceiling now -- feeling now. we're not going to stop. >> organizers say they want to
4:32 pm
plan the most producive search as possible. the family says it wants to respect a time volunteers are devoting to the effort. coming up, that volunteer talked about feeling the paint of the paernts. you're going to hear about the difficult journey and they expressed some of the pain they've been experiencing. >> that is six long months. >> 360 students remain idle. the standoff between teachers union and city centers on reviews tied to student progress. the chicago mayor says the strike is unnecessary and should be resolved quickly. the teacher's union says the sides are still apart. >> there is a latest fallout
4:33 pm
from a cheating scandal. he will drop out and miss the season this, is according to "sports illustrated" and harvard krimson newspaper. the other co-captain has been implicated uz bu has yet to decide if he's going to withdraw. dozens are being investigating for cheating last spring. >> russian prm prime minister believes three members of a punk rock band should be freed and called that anymore prison time would be unproductive this, is after a court sentenced members of the punk band to two years in prison for hooliganism stemming from a protest inside moscow's main cathedral, asking the virgin mary to save russia from president vladimir putin. >> an amazing rescue in the gulf of alaska. the coast guard hoisted a 19-year-old to safety after he spent the night drifting off the coast in a 4 by 4 foot
4:34 pm
fish bin. he'd been fishing when a wave overturned their 28-foot boat. >> and i cried a lot. wanted to see my brother and mom. >> his buddy found a survival suit floating in the wreckage of he washed up on the beach and was able to direct teams to his friend, harris suffered only a small cut and a few blisters from griping the bin. you can imagine he had to be holding on real tight in credible. >> yes. >> he made it. >> and still to come at 4:00 mystery over what slammed into the planet jupiter this week, it could be seen from here, on earth. >> are store bands as good as naichl brands? consumer reports put it to the test. and 7 on your side has result autos for our mount tam camera we can see marine layer there
4:35 pm
and i'm spencer christian and will have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and giving a and and stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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chris stevens, u.s. ambassador with deep ties to
4:38 pm
the bay area killed in libya. the iphone 5 unveiled today. net tra dame moved it's moving to the acc in every sport except football. and bob lambert died at 55 and this item, ex-boyfriend addict. a south carolina woman discovered her exwas secretly living in her attic. as my daughters would say, creepy. >> and astronomers talking about a flash in the sky millions of miles from earth. take a look. you can see what they're talking b something hit jupiter and it created a blast on earth. this astronomer captured these images of the explosion on the largest planet and this remains uncheif if waits a comet or perhaps an asteroid. >> and nasa says the rover
4:39 pm
will hit the road after undergoing checks. it has traveled more than the length of a football field since lasting on a crater last month. and the rover looking for signs of life oont red carpet. >> speculation growing about a royal baby for prince william and his wife, kate. the couple dined with the president and prime minister of singapore, william and others raised their glasses of wine to toast the queen, kate drank water instead, not once, but twice left many wondering if there is an heir on the way. prince william told a fan he hoped to have two children. it's the first time he's given a number. >> scenes like this, people wonder if they are signs. people whispering is she pregnant? >> singa spore the first stop on the nine day tour, today, they planted a tree and
4:40 pm
promoted british interests in a rolls royce plant. their visit celebrates the queen's diamond jubilee. >> correction to something i said just a moment ago. jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, not the galaxy. >> it's big, anyway. when ever it is, it's business. >> and -- big. >> and spencer christian. conditions tomorrow going to be a typical day with warm, but not hot conditions and areas of thunderstorms from great lakes into southern planes z it's warm and humid and thunderstorms, around denver, showers perhaps thundershowers here in the state of california we'll see sunny skies and warm to hot conditions. 94 in yosemite. 80s in ka tao. palm springs 106. 88 in los angeles tomorrow, 76
4:41 pm
in big sur and there is a great day and there is a summer spread in effect a high of 64 z.on the coast and 74 in oakland. inland to brentwood, a high of 95 there is a is a 90s in cloverdale, east bay, 94, antioch, livermore, 93, fairfield there is 70s here in san francisco. this is also warm. we may have another day of this warmth before it tapers off. enjoy, now. >> and we know one way to safe money at the grocery store is to buy store-brand items.
4:42 pm
are they as good as name brands? putting price, and taste to the test. >> which commercial is taking home top prizes in san francisco as best of the year. stay with us. >> in the abc 7 newsroom, a proposition designed to bring more revenue to california? critics say it could cast the state more jobs and big dig in san francisco, uncovering a piece of history. now, the attention of scient
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checking healthy living news this afternoon for the first time in four years number of americans covered by some type of health care is growing. the study says 260 million americans have health insurance, up from last year that, puts the rate of insured in the u.s. now at 4%. -- 84%. part of the reason is affordable health care law. younger adult as loued coverage on parents plans until age 26 and more americans are now covered by medicare and medicaid. a report suggests vaccines for one of the most contagious
4:46 pm
respiratory infections isn't doing the job. whooping cough causes as many as 10,000 deaths in the u.s., researchers found the odds of getting it after the last dose increased 42% a year. the report suggests a stronger vaccine. >> mcdonalds adding a new ilt yim, calorie counts as they try to add healthier options. starting next week, mcdonalds will begin posting calorie counts and making the change as it tests healthier items. the company is looking at an egg mcmuffin made with egg whites and there will be offering more seasonal fruits and vegetable autos buying store names can lead to big savings, 25% off of the bill. there is a report on recent compare sons.
4:47 pm
>> irgo for the store brand if there is that option. >> store brand is a safer. >> consumers buying more store brands and more are coming on the market. everything from cereal to peanut butter and wine. we surveyed about the store brands they bought. most people were satisfied. to see how store brands stack up against name brands, consumer reports did blind tests at 19 pairs of products. target's market pantry ranch salad dressing went up against hidden valley. and, the winner was... >> there was a tie. quality wise they're right about the same. >> walmart's great value battled nature valley granola bars. result? >> another tie. both chewy and the same quality. >> and clover valley crackers went up against cheese its? it was a tie again. but in cases big name brands
4:48 pm
did beat store brands, this tropicana orange juice defeated that sold at walgreens but in most cases store brands did as well, as or better than name brands bottom line, store brands are worth a try. and they usually cost a lot less. >> and best television commercials of the year being screened tonight chosen by professional autos this is a lot of fun. winners go from the tv to a museum. >> you know, commercials keep lights on here, if you've been fast forwarding through the dvr here are works you may have missed. here is one of my favorites. there is a famous, sometimes
4:49 pm
difficult director only he's a bear skin rug. he has been watching for so many years on the floor. >> this is stereo types of what a pampered director would be. there is a lot of fun with campaigns over the years. >> and there is a panel of experts selecting the best. and there are change autos marketers embraced the idea that it's not about selling to the masses. it's about engaging with the individual. >> there is google's story of a family won campaign of the year. >> telling wonderful and real stories and you know the real is the important thing. >> there could be splashes of
4:50 pm
color, actors show up in a lot of spots and there is alec baldwin with a two-minute commercial. this is five minutes long this is about a family searching for their father's old chevy. >> never once talking about new brands or show cars. it's all about chef yes runs deep. >> there is sometimes pure vix. >> there is where you can catch the show and he awards recognizing marketing across media boundaries tonight at the barrel house, so... here's to create activity, guys, huh? >> good stuff. >> a lot of fun. >> free range parenting.
4:51 pm
a mom encouraging parents to leave their kids alone on the playground and the price to teach them how. >> tonight there are heightened alerts at u.s. embassies throughout the middle east. our team covering what happened with the death of the u.s. ambassador in liba. is al qaeda striking again? also, tonight the strange movie inflaming muslims in the middle east tonight. we go in search of the film maker in hiding. to find out who he is and tell ê32jíezo1v.s9ad@a.j&íju2
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
you've heard of helicopter parenting moms and dads who hover, watching every move their children make. now there is a counter movement, free range parenting, getting doidz play with no adults, no supervision.
4:55 pm
>> imagine where no parents are loued and kids govern themselves like in the movie "lord of the flies". and now imagine a big city playground. >> some people worry they're going to hurt each other. >> we seem to think play is something new and horrible when we all used to do it until recently. we took it out and replaced it with classes and coaches and supervision. >> this mom is launching a program drop your kids off at a playground and they'll play. unsupervised. she will be in a nearby coffee shop. and will cost you $350 for eight, 90-minute session autos i'm having it in central park because it happens to be the safest precinct in new york city. >> she calls it free range parenting. letting your kids play, free
4:56 pm
of parental controls. she was once called worst mother in the world after she wrote about letting her 9-year-old son ride the new york city subway himself. he is now 14, he managed to survive. she says the trend in american parenting is increasing paranoia. tear of letting kids play alone. >> three different parents said what kind of liability? i have them sign a waiver saying i don't expect anyone, much less lonero to be supervising. >> even parents who struggle with urban limitations have mixed emotions. >> you can't just let them go completely free. you want them to get some street smarts. >> i would never pay someone money to help transition my child that. is why i send them to school. >> i can't imagine leaving my children unsupervised as that young age. >> critics worry about the
4:57 pm
safety of young kids. >> i just think it's unbelievably irresponsible letting kids run around to do harm to them selfs and others is not a good idea. >> and an adults free playground may not end up like "lord of the flies" but the prospect seems just as controversial. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. a reminder with our alarm clock app for the iphone, you can down load it free and get news, headlines and more the moment you wake up. >> the attack oversea that's killed a local man that dedicated his life to foreign service. >> and proposition on the november ballot that is designed to bring more money to california. >> and there is a long warming
4:58 pm
trend begins tomorrow. i'll have temperatures coming up. >> u.s. just confirmed it's sending two more ships to libya in response to an attack there that killed a u.s. diplomat born and raised in the bay area. there are investigators say it may have been timed to coincide with the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. >> there is among the dead is christopher steven as pointed to the post within the past six months. good evening, everybody, i'm larry beil in for dan ashley tonight. >> he dedicated his career to foreign service, mostly in the arab world. there is live coverage beginning with abc 7 news who joins us from the neighborhood where his mother live autos his younger brother came out and spoke with reporters a couple of hours ago.
4:59 pm
did he not want to be reported but described his brother as a natural diplomat, unflapable, even tempered, well liked people by everywhere he went because he was interested in them. chris stevens was a 1978 graduate of piedmont high school. the current principal said he was active in model un, theater department and editor of the school paper. a friend from high school became his roommate and fraternity brother at cal. >> i think before today boy have described him as great, great old friend. and but i didn't realize how close of a friend he was until this morning since i've been crying all day. >> he was a 1989 graduate of hastings but chose public service over law. he made this you tube video to introduce himself as the new ambassador to libya. >> growing up in california i didn't know much about the arab world, then,

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